Blog | October 27, 2017

2018 Conference Registration Opens November 1, 2017

It’s that time of year again! Registration opens for the 2018 Integra Conference on November 1, 2017. The 2018 Conference will be at the Marriott Denver City Center in Denver, Colorado on June 12-14. Yes, June!

We are currently working on finalizing C.E. credits, classes, breakouts, general sessions, and more. Also, you’ll notice when you go to register on November 1 that we have a new Conference website! So take some time to browse through it. And as always, feel free to email us if you have any questions.

Go to on November 1 to take advantage of our early bird pricing.

Blog | October 19, 2017

Building Update

Despite a change in the weather, progress continues nicely on our building addition. The middle structure’s walls are up and the roof of the northern building is complete. In a review of the design plans, one skylight was added to the middle building and three to the northern building to allow natural light into some of the larger workspaces.

But what we’re most excited about is that the basic structure of the skybridge is taking shape. Even though it’s one of the key features of our new buildings, the skybridge will be one of the last pieces completed given the amount of glass involved in its construction.

We’re now in the process of choosing paint, carpet, flooring, and other structural decorations with input from many staff members. How does this process work? Well, it mostly involves us grabbing people as they walk through the halls and asking for their opinions!

Also, we’re looking into the possibility of adding several charging stations for electric vehicles in the new parking lot. We’re shopping around for options and figuring out the logistics with our local power and electricity provider.

Check out the building webcam to stay updated with building progress:

Blog | October 12, 2017

LTC Market Update by Lou Ann Brubaker

By Lou Ann Brubaker, President – Brubaker Consulting. Original article posted October 2, 2017 at

One of the burning questions fueling healthcare provider discussions is: What’s going to happen to the Affordable Care Act? The first answer was provided on March 24, 2017, when House Republican leaders pulled the proposed American Health Care Act legislation from a vote. However, on May 4, 2017, the House passed the American Health Care Act.

Now, we wait…

For post-acute care (PAC) providers, the big question is: Regardless of any future legislative action, what should we do to be successful – given the pressures that won’t be going away?

How We Got Here

Before exploring where PAC might be going, it’s valuable to revisit how it got here in the first place. In the 1970s, nursing facilities provided custodial care – lengthy stays for individuals who had private funds to pay for care or who had few financial resources and qualified under Medicaid. Typically, admission drivers were chronic physical illnesses or declining cognitive abilities. Therapy services were also provided.

By the early 1980s, people were living longer, there were advancements in joint replacement surgery and the federal government provided generous reimbursement under Medicare Part A for post-surgical therapy services to help keep seniors independent. This created strong incentives for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) to expand their rehabilitative services. More SNFs were built, and by the early 1990s, the total number of SNFs increased to an all-time high of 15,000.

Between 1980 and 1990, Medicare expenditures rose from $35M to $109M. Reimbursement was retrospective and cost-based; providers were only required to track their expenses in providing Medicare-covered services (everything from labor, food and supplies, to medications) and send the government the bill. As a result, the race was on to hire rehabilitation therapists, acquire or build additional SNFs, expand dedicated Medicare beds and optimize lengths of stay.1

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Blog | October 5, 2017

October 2017 Newsletter Now Available


The October 2017 edition of our newsletter is now available! This month features the announcement that PrimeCare will be transitioning to Integra, an update on Logix, a description of the DocuTrack v6.6 webinar being held later in October, and an article by Jeff Schneider, R.Ph., FASCP –  Administrative Vice President, LTC Pharmacy Solutions at Smith Drug Company – on how pharmacies can tap into the LTC market.

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Blog | September 28, 2017

End of Summer BBQ

Karen, Jim, Lorna, Jason, and Shana enjoying each other’s company (nice photobomb Thomas!).

We lucked out and had gorgeous weather for our end-of-the-summer BBQ. About a block away from our headquarters is a great venue called the Heart of Anacortes who provided the perfect location for our event. We talked, laughed, ate way too much, and got to know each other better. To everyone who makes this a great company, thank you!

Grill Masters Paul and Monte. The chicken was great, guys, thanks!

Blog | September 26, 2017

First Integra Society Pizza Party!

Jason, Jonathan, Janet, and Austin of Matrx Pharmacy are all smiles. Why? Free pizza!

Congrats to Matrx LTC Pharmacy for winning the first Integra Society Pizza Party! Mileen Loeffler, Integra’s Director of Client Services, and Don Drohman, DocuTrack Support Manager, made the trek down to Matrx to bring them their prize. Go to to join and be entered into a quarterly drawing for a chance to win your pharmacy a pizza party.

The Integra Society is an online and email-based community created by Integra to enhance communication within the institutional pharmacy market. Coming soon to focus group participation, “Ask Me Anything” discussions with Integra managers and support staff, industry news, support notices, and…yep, quarterly pizza parties!


Blog | September 21, 2017

See Us on the Road This Fall!

Stop by our booth to say hi and grab some Integra swag.

Fall means pumpkin spice, apples, falling leaves, and cold mornings. Fall also means a lot of the big trade shows are coming up. Come see us on the road; we’d love to say hi and answer all your questions.

Innovatix & Essensa National Meeting & Expo – Booth #606
October 9-11
Austin, TX

NCPA – Booth #1522
October 14-17
Orlando, FL

ASCP – Booth #724
November 2-5
Kissimmee, FL

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Blog | September 19, 2017

Don’t Miss Logix Webinar


Date: Thursday, September 21
Time: 10:00am (PST)
Audience: Administrators, Operations Managers, and Pharmacy Managers
Instructor: Kirk Johnson – Logix Support and Implementation Manager

If you’re looking to improve document handling processes while increasing accuracy, then this is the class for you. DocuTrack empowered by Logix has proven to save hundreds of hours for our customers each week. In this class, we would like to provoke new thoughts on document process automation and demonstrate how countless seconds can be saved.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand how Logix can simplify staff workflows within DocuTrack.
2. Identify tips for determining the best processes to start automating.
3. Enable state-driven workflows.
4. Gather efficiency stats from the field.

Blog | September 12, 2017

DeliveryTrack 5.7: Improved Performance and Scalability

The latest version of DeliveryTrack – 5.7 – is now available.

“Our customer’s time is valuable so every second we can take off the execution of a function directly improves operational efficiency,” said Raymond van Rooyen, DeliveryTrack Product Director. “In the newest version of DeliveryTrack, users will notice improved performance in many areas of the application. In addition, the introduction of partitioned views gives our larger clients headroom for growth and an easier method to archive data.”

With improved performance and scalability, this newest version contains:

  • Improved performance with Partitioned Views for large DeliveryTrack tables.
  • Update to Telogis GeoBase version 3.35 SDK and update of mapping files to Q1 2017 for increased location accuracy.
  • Update of UPS data.
  • Digital signatures are now be stored in the SQLLite database, simplifying digital signature synchronization and mobile database exports.
  • Much more!

Click here to view the full press release.

Blog | September 7, 2017

September Newsletter – New Versions, Logix, Pictures, and More

The September 2017 version of our newsletter is now available. Learn more about Logix and its newest version, a new DeliveryTrack version, upcoming webinars, and more. Also, in case you missed it, are some pictures from happenings in August (cool sunglasses included).

Most notably this month is the release of a new version of Logix. The most exciting feature of this newest version of Logix is an initial set of standard workflow processes to provide customers with seamless implementation and immediate ROI. Logix enables institutional pharmacies to automate repetitive, error-prone processes, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks – elevating efficiency, increasing customer service levels, and ultimately improving operating margins. With Logix, pharmacies can reduce or eliminate follow-up, eliminate manual errors, reduce keystrokes and mouse clicks, and save thousands of dollars.

“Long-Term Care pharmacies are under intense pressure to produce more with less, and it’s my job to save them time,” said Louie Foster, Logix Product Director. “We carefully selected the first set of standard Logix processes to immediately address our customers biggest pain points, such as refill request processing.”

Learn more about Logix here, or view the full press release.

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