Blog | September 26, 2017

First Integra Society Pizza Party!

Jason, Jonathan, Janet, and Austin of Matrx Pharmacy are all smiles. Why? Free pizza!

Congrats to Matrx LTC Pharmacy for winning the first Integra Society Pizza Party! Mileen Loeffler, Integra’s Director of Client Services, and Don Drohman, DocuTrack Support Manager, made the trek down to Matrx to bring them their prize. Go to to join and be entered into a quarterly drawing for a chance to win your pharmacy a pizza party.

The Integra Society is an online and email-based community created by Integra to enhance communication within the institutional pharmacy market. Coming soon to focus group participation, “Ask Me Anything” discussions with Integra managers and support staff, industry news, support notices, and…yep, quarterly pizza parties!


Blog | September 21, 2017

See Us on the Road This Fall!

Stop by our booth to say hi and grab some Integra swag.

Fall means pumpkin spice, apples, falling leaves, and cold mornings. Fall also means a lot of the big trade shows are coming up. Come see us on the road; we’d love to say hi and answer all your questions.

Innovatix & Essensa National Meeting & Expo – Booth #606
October 9-11
Austin, TX

NCPA – Booth #1522
October 14-17
Orlando, FL

ASCP – Booth #724
November 2-5
Kissimmee, FL

Click here to stay up to date with all our upcoming events.

Blog | September 19, 2017

Don’t Miss Logix Webinar


Date: Thursday, September 21
Time: 10:00am (PST)
Audience: Administrators, Operations Managers, and Pharmacy Managers
Instructor: Kirk Johnson – Logix Support and Implementation Manager

If you’re looking to improve document handling processes while increasing accuracy, then this is the class for you. DocuTrack empowered by Logix has proven to save hundreds of hours for our customers each week. In this class, we would like to provoke new thoughts on document process automation and demonstrate how countless seconds can be saved.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand how Logix can simplify staff workflows within DocuTrack.
2. Identify tips for determining the best processes to start automating.
3. Enable state-driven workflows.
4. Gather efficiency stats from the field.

Blog | September 12, 2017

DeliveryTrack 5.7: Improved Performance and Scalability

The latest version of DeliveryTrack – 5.7 – is now available.

“Our customer’s time is valuable so every second we can take off the execution of a function directly improves operational efficiency,” said Raymond van Rooyen, DeliveryTrack Product Director. “In the newest version of DeliveryTrack, users will notice improved performance in many areas of the application. In addition, the introduction of partitioned views gives our larger clients headroom for growth and an easier method to archive data.”

With improved performance and scalability, this newest version contains:

  • Improved performance with Partitioned Views for large DeliveryTrack tables.
  • Update to Telogis GeoBase version 3.35 SDK and update of mapping files to Q1 2017 for increased location accuracy.
  • Update of UPS data.
  • Digital signatures are now be stored in the SQLLite database, simplifying digital signature synchronization and mobile database exports.
  • Much more!

Click here to view the full press release.

Blog | September 7, 2017

September Newsletter – New Versions, Logix, Pictures, and More

The September 2017 version of our newsletter is now available. Learn more about Logix and its newest version, a new DeliveryTrack version, upcoming webinars, and more. Also, in case you missed it, are some pictures from happenings in August (cool sunglasses included).

Most notably this month is the release of a new version of Logix. The most exciting feature of this newest version of Logix is an initial set of standard workflow processes to provide customers with seamless implementation and immediate ROI. Logix enables institutional pharmacies to automate repetitive, error-prone processes, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks – elevating efficiency, increasing customer service levels, and ultimately improving operating margins. With Logix, pharmacies can reduce or eliminate follow-up, eliminate manual errors, reduce keystrokes and mouse clicks, and save thousands of dollars.

“Long-Term Care pharmacies are under intense pressure to produce more with less, and it’s my job to save them time,” said Louie Foster, Logix Product Director. “We carefully selected the first set of standard Logix processes to immediately address our customers biggest pain points, such as refill request processing.”

Learn more about Logix here, or view the full press release.

Find the full September newsletter here. Want awesome LTC news delivered directly to your inbox? Click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

Blog | August 31, 2017

Integra Support Engineers Working Toward Microsoft Certifications


Integra encourages continuing education for its engineers so they can remain on the cutting edge and better serve our customers. Many Integra engineers hold Microsoft certifications and continue to work toward new or renew them periodically. Integra Senior Support Engineer Matt Henry has just completed his first of three exams toward achieving his certification as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): SQL Server 2012/2014. This first exam 461 focused on Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014. The exam is intended for SQL Server database administrators, system engineers, and developers to validate their skills and knowledge in writing queries.

We like to give our engineers a public “pat on the back” and wish Matt luck on his next two exams toward full certification. Keep up the good work Matt!

More information about the MCSA can be found at

Blog | August 29, 2017

Staff Had a Little Fun, Too

We had a wonderful time hosting J. M. Smith and QS/1 executives last week. And our staff had a chance to enjoy the gorgeous weather too during a meet and greet (nice shades, everyone!). We’ll take any excuse to enjoy a beautiful, sunny day, so having Alan, Saul, and Joey visit was perfect timing.

Blog | August 25, 2017

Disaster Preparation During Hurricane Harvey

Our thoughts are with all of our customers and all residents of the Texas coastal areas. In an effort to help you prepare your businesses, here are some recommendations.

  • Back-up’s are the most important step. Ensure they are viable for restore.
    1. Ensure that the back-up media is not in the same location as the server and is in a location that will be dry.
  • If you are leaving the pharmacy and will not be using Integra’s products, please complete the following steps.
    1. Take a picture of the backside of the server before unplugging any cables.
    2. Safely power down your server.
    3. Pull the power cable from the back of your server.
    4. Pull the Ethernet cable from the back of your server.
    5. Move your server to a safe location that will not get wet.

If you have any further questions regarding preparation, please contact Integra Support at (866) 720-6846 or by email at


Blog | August 24, 2017

J M Smith and QS/1 Management Visit the Integra Offices

Kevin Welch, Joey Parrish, Saul Factor, Alan Turfe, Jim McDonald, and Dennis Williams taking a break during this week’s meetings.

Integra was honored to welcome management from J M Smith and QS/1 at the Integra offices in Anacortes, WA this week. Visiting Integra was Alan Turfe – J M Smith Chairman & CEO, Saul Factor – QS/1 President, Joey Parrish – QS/1 Director of Customer Support, and our own Jim McDonald – Integra’s National Sales Director. Meetings took place to review product plans, client services operations, and Alan and Saul had lunch with the entire company to talk about the goals of J M Smith and hear from us all of us as well. Alan stated he is “thankful to be part of a team that takes such pride in what we do and who we are, whether by celebrating our successes, by giving back to our communities, or by going the extra mile for our customers.”

In July, Saul Factor, RPh joined the J M Smith team as the new president of QS/1. Saul hit the ground running, meeting employees and customers across the country in his first few weeks on the job. He and QS/1 Client Services Director, Joey Parrish, spent time with Integra’s Client Services Director, Mileen Loeffler, to share ideas and increase collaborative efforts across the two divisions.

“It’s an exciting time for Integra and the other divisions,” said Kevin Welch, Integra’s President, and J M Smith’s CTO. “Collaboration is strengthening and we look toward a very exciting future. Having Alan, Saul, and Joey at our offices lets my staff know there are real people who care at all levels and divisions within J M Smith.”

Blog | August 23, 2017

Niche Pharmacies Fill Needs for LTC Patients

Original article published August 2, 2017. By Naseem S. Miller, Orlando Sentinel. Click here to view full article

In a recent article, one of our valued customers – Guardian Pharmacy of Orlando – gives a succinct description of the role of LTC pharmacy in today’s growing marketplace. Below is an excerpt.

The average nursing-home resident has many as a dozen prescription medications. To dispense the pills from regular pill bottles can be time-consuming for nurses and increase the risk of mistakes, diversion and drug interactions.

That’s where niche pharmacies such as Guardian Pharmacy Services, which recently opened a new facility in Orlando — its seventh location in Florida — come in.

“We don’t have specialized packaging and consultants in average retail stores, so these pharmacies evolved,” said Dana Saffel, president and CEO of Pharmacare Strategies, a consulting firm in Florida.

The pharmacies mainly contract with long-term care facilities such as nursing homes to fill residents’ prescriptions.

“There are no on-site pharmacies in nursing homes, and that’s where we come in,” said Alan Obringer, president of Guardian Pharmacy of Orlando and an industry veteran.

There’s already a spike in the number of pharmacy-school graduates who choose to specialize in geriatric pharmacy.

“The geriatric specialty has been growing very rapidly, and I expect it to continue to grow rapidly,” said Thomas Clark, senior director of geriatric pharmacy certification at Board of Pharmacy Specialties, an autonomous division of the American Pharmacists Association. “In the first half of this year, we doubled the number of applicants for the specialty to 700.”

Running a long-term pharmacy is not easy business. Profit margins are slim and competition is stiff, particularly for smaller groups.

“Our biggest challenge is competing with large chains to get the business [of long-term care facilities] in the community,” said Bri Morris, who manages long-term care services for National Community Pharmacists Association.

But recent changes in federal guidelines, which reward providers for quality and patient satisfaction, are giving smaller companies new opportunities.

“The number of nursing-home beds has been declining,” said Clark. “That’s in part because assisted living is growing and taking on less acute patients.”

Also, the rapidly growing aging population is more likely to “age in place” instead of moving into a nursing home. They also want more personalized care.

“The most common issue for long-term care facilities is non-personal care,” said Obringer of Guardian. “We answer the phone. We try to text everybody, like it’s our own grandmother. And we customize our services.”

Read the full article here.