Blog | June 8, 2017

Signatures Up Front: DeliveryTrack and Audits

“Now we don’t even have to fight [audits] because we have the signatures up front.”


Williams Apothecary would spend 60-80 hours prepping for an audit. With 30 days’ notice, they would find the highest priced prescriptions being audited and arrange them in advance, so they could find the requested audit prescriptions along with the signatures in the few hours the auditor spent on site.

“I would literally pull up every prescription box,” said Jamie Williams, IT Manager at Williams Apothecary, “approximating 40 or 50 boxes for the time period in question, and arrange them in the office where the auditor would perform the audit. When the auditor arrived we would assign three or four people pulling whatever the auditor would request for the prescription audit.”

“We didn’t lose a lot of money on audits because we spent the time preparing, collecting signatures, and producing the needed information for the audits,” said Mike Sauer, Technology Manager at Williams Apothecary. “But that prep time and follow-up time researching and producing signatures would take hours. We also spent time replacing the pulled files back into storage. And that work would start after your day job tasks were done.”


Before DeliveryTrack, Williams Apothecary used DocuTrack and QS/1® PrimeCare® to find prescriptions. While they were able to save time during audits by searching in DocuTrack for a date range instead of having to go through each page manually or providing boxes of signatures to the auditor, audits were still cumbersome. “Until we started with DeliveryTrack,” Williams said, “it was still a bit of a hassle finding delivery signatures since we had several hundred deliveries per day to search through.

“What really paid for DeliveryTrack was we had an audit on our cycle med fill prescriptions. The auditor said in their letter that they wanted $50,000 back. The auditor wasn’t correct and because he did not understand our process, he wasn’t taking our documentation on our cycle fill medication. When we showed and explained our system, the auditor accepted our signatures and we ended up 100% compliant with no loss of revenue.”


“The time savings are immense,” said Williams. “What we used to spend possibly 80 hours’ worth of prep time, is now minutes. And when the auditor shows up – as far as signatures go – we can get those in a matter of minutes. During our last audit, Mike had a pile of signatures needed for the audit. He pulled and printed all the signatures we needed within 15 minutes.”

“We used to have to fight auditors on their recoupment,” said Sauer. “Now we don’t even have to fight it because we have the signatures up front.”

Read the full case study here.

Blog | June 1, 2017

Check Out Our New DocuTrack Video

We have new media! You’ll see more in the next few weeks, but here’s a little taste of what’s to come.

DocuTrack. The number 1 workflow management system in the industry. Everyone knows what it is; everyone knows it’s the best. We know it’s good, but don’t take our word for it! Hear it directly from our customers: “DocuTrack is probably the best piece of software we have implemented.”


Blog | June 1, 2017

Integra Attending Asembia Specialty Summit – Booth #733

Are you going to be at Asembia next week? Stop by booth #733. See how our products – DocuTrack, DeliveryTrack, Logix, and Integra Cloud Fax – can save you money and time and help you meet your business goals. Jim McDonald and Jeff Ross will be representing Integra. Both are knowledgeable about the challenges pharmacies face in these changing times, and put you and your pharmacy’s needs first. Plus they’re pretty nice guys. So stop and have a chat about your pharmacy’s needs, or just say hi. We hope to see you there!

Blog | June 1, 2017

Register Now for DocuTrack and PrimeCare Webinar

Join us for the Integra Primcare Webinar April 20th, 2017 at 10AM!

Integra offers extended product training through a series of Webinars built for current product users. Don’t miss out on this next great one: PrimeCare Service Pack 19.1.20 and DocuTrack 6.6

Date and Time: Thursday, April 20, 2017 10:00 am PST | 1:00 pm EST
Duration: 1 hour or less

This class will be cooperatively taught by QS/1 Analysts and Integra Engineers to cover the exciting new features and functionality available between PrimeCare Service Pack 19.1.20 and DocuTrack 6.6. This enhanced integration eliminates keystrokes, speeds load times, and further automates manual processes. We will focus on this new functionality plus the end-to-end flow of data from QS/1. This will include the printing of manifests to the closed loop of the delivered item and signature back to QS/1. Don’t miss this integrated, informative session guaranteed to provide time savings to your pharmacy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore new functionality between QS/1, DocuTrack and DeliveryTrack.
  • Identify how this integration saves your staff time and increases performance.
  • Understand how data flows through all three products.
  • Learn to troubleshoot any possible problems in that process.

Todd Fostvedt – DeliveryTrack Senior Technical Engineer
Matt Henry – DocuTrack Senior Technical Engineer
Charles Adams – QS/1 PrimeCare Analyst
Lisa Fowler – QS/1 PrimeCare Analyst

Blog | June 1, 2017

Listen to Integra’s First Podcast!

The Integra Podcast series - Direct Exchange & Secure Messaging

Integra’s Louie Foster discusses Secure Messaging in LTC with Todd Eury of Pharmacy Podcast. As industry communication channels have evolved, so has DocuTrack, to include cloud faxing, electronic prescription modules, interfaces to EHR providers, secure text messaging, and soon, direct secure messaging.

Explore the basics of secure messaging, gain clarity on key components including HIE and HISP, and understand the plan for integration of direct secure messaging into DocuTrack.

“We want to give pharmacies the ability to manage their work in the most efficient manner, regardless of how that work comes into the pharmacy or what that work is. You can’t effectively manage work until you consolidate it. That is what we have focused our solutions on doing,” said Foster.

Click here to listen.