J M Smith encourages its companies to leverage resources, explore new market opportunities, and provide cross-divisional customer support – better together.

Better Together

Our family of companies is focused on integrated pharmacy solutions and technology. Furthermore, we are guided by the principles of the J M Smith Corporation. First, second, and third: Do the right thing for our customers, our stakeholders, our employees, and our communities.

  • Total pharmacy system integration with PrimeCare®.
  • Solution-driven LTC business consulting at Smith Drug & Integra.
  • Wholesale drug distribution with Smith Drug Company®.
  • Credit opportunities with our IntegralRx Generics Program.
  • Company-wide focus on customer service.
Kevin Welch, President of Integra LTC Solutions speaking about integrated pharmacy solutions.

Our Mission Guides Us

“Mindful Design and Thoughtful Service. This is what guides us at Integra.”

“J M Smith and our CEO, Alan Turfe, believe in and support Integra’s focus on exceptional service and innovative product development. With the integrated pharmacy solutions of our sister divisions, Integra provides a full suite tailored to LTC pharmacy that meets the needs of our customers. As a result of this partnership, Integra and the entire J M Smith Family want to become your partner and advocate in this challenging, evolving industry.”

Kevin P. Welch, President – Integra LTC Solutions

J M Smith Corporation

Headquartered in Spartanburg, J M Smith is South Carolina’s third-largest privately owned company.  They are focused specifically in the areas of health care and technology. J M Smith operates through multiple business units.  Altogether these family partners include Smith Drug Company, QS/1, Integral Solutions Group, RxMedic Systems, Integra LTC Solutions, and Burlington Drug Company.

  • Opened its first family-owned pharmacy in 1925.
  • Started its wholesaler drug business in 1940.
  • Proven history of partnership and integrity.
  • Committed to quality products and services.
  • Setting the standard in business conduct.
  • Civic-minded company focused on giving back.
Alan Turfe speaking to our clients about the integrated pharmacy solutions offered by the One J M Smith® program.

Putting Customers First

“At the J M Smith Corporation, our highly engaged and talented team is committed to customer excellence. Therefore by constantly listening, collaborating, innovating, and focusing on our customers, we believe our partnerships and commitment to serve can only grow stronger. We have a long history and a bright future, anchored by our great employees. To sum up, it’s always put our customers first!”

Alan Turfe, CEO & Chairman – J M Smith Corporation

Primecare® for LTC Pharmacy

QS/1®’s PrimeCare Pharmacy Management System is developed specifically for Long-Term Care Pharmacies serving skilled nursing, mental health, and assisted living facilities. For this reason, our suite of integrated pharmacy solutions can help manage a multitude of activities. For example, workflow, billing, and comprehensive reporting can all be managed within our suite. Overall you will have greater patient safety, productivity, and profitability.

  • Customizable workflow.
  • Pharmacy at a Glance dashboard.
  • WebConnect® – online facility communications.
  • Versatile dispensing options.
  • Interfaces for packaging, eMARs, ADTs, and more.
  • Billing and accounts receivable.
Saul Factor QS1 President

Supporting the Specific Needs of LTC

“Long-term care is experiencing major growing pains as baby boomers age into the system. QS/1’s products are second to none in this arena, and combined with Integra, we have the best solutions in every aspect of the LTC industry. By providing innovative and intuitive pharmacy management systems and services, our customers can be assured we are their preeminent partners in a dynamic healthcare marketplace.”

Saul Factor, President – QS/1

Smith Drug Independent Pharmacy Distribution

Smith Drug® is focused on being your advocate in the long-term care pharmacy industry. Our experience and expertise are ready and at your disposal. Accordingly, your needs are always our needs.

  • World-class customer service pharmacies rely on.
  • Complete portfolio of solutions for your LTC pharmacy.
  • Dedicated LTC business consulting team.
  • 75 years of long-term care-specific experience.
  • Turnkey solutions for startup, operations, and growth.
  • One J M Smith® - completely dedicated to your needs.
Smith Drug Company president Jeff Foreman is proud to be a vital part of the integrated pharmacy solutions offered by the One J M Smith® program.

Smith Drug

“Smith Drug Company is proud of its heritage and customer service focus that is second to none. We service many long-term care pharmacy providers across the country today and have been increasing our focus there over the past few years. We have created a long-term care division at Smith Drug Company staffed with experts with decades of experience in this rapidly growing and important industry. We are dedicated to continually launching new initiatives that “make business better for pharmacy” and we look forward to exciting and successful years ahead in “moving pharmacy forward”!”

Jeff Foreman, RPh.,
President – Smith Drug Company
& Burlington Drug Company

Team of pharmacists working together for you in white lab coats.

Since 1985, Integral Rx has been a single-source solution for pharmacy essentials. Today, we provide custom and stock pharmacy supplies, as well as a wide range of generics and short dates. Integral Rx offers affordable prices and customer service that is laser-focused on helping our clients succeed.

Unmatched Solutions

At Integral Rx our goal is to offer significant savings while providing world-class customer service. With over 70 years of pharmaceutical expertise, we can bring you the best possible value partnered with incredible savings on Integra products you already use!

  • Unmatched Customer Support.
  • Fast Turn-Arounds.
  • Best-in-Business Pricing.
  • Online Ordering Anytime.
  • Same-Day Shipping for Stock Products.
  • Support for Pharmacies, Hospitals, Veterinary, and More.
Padlock protecting cyber assets

With Integral Solutions Group you get the peace of mind knowing that your systems and information are secure.


Outsourcing your IT allows your company to focus on the things that are most important and provides peace of mind that your systems and information are secure. When your IT network and infrastructure are the pulse of day-to-day operations, there’s no room for downtime, security breaches, data loss or telephone disruption. As your IT partner, ISG will assist with the design, deployment, and maintenance of your critical IT infrastructure.

  • Monitoring & User Help Desk Support.
  • Office 365 Applications.
  • Email/SPAM Filtering Services.
  • Telephone Systems.
  • Network Integration.
  • Data Management Services (Backups).
  • Security Awareness Training.